Best Car Wax For All Car Colors – A Buyer’s Guide & Reviews 2021

You may not realize it, but there is a constant war being waged on the exterior of our cars. From the moment a car rolls out of the dealership, its glossy coat of paint is under constant siege from a host of enemies. UV rays, water, pollutant chemicals in the rain, salts, dust and sand particles, bird droppings, insect goo, the list goes on and on. This is why every car needs some extra shielding to protect the way it looks. Enter car waxes…

How To Clean Matte Cars Of Any Color

I went to see a detailer friend of mine when I was a lot younger.

His boss was away and he had invited me to hang out for a few hours. Watching and learning all his tips and tricks on car cleaning was like car porn to me. I loved it. Each time I hung out with him, I would learn newer and better things.

How Many Calories Do You Burn Washing A Car By Hand?

Every Saturday I wash my car. It’s a ritual. I know most people who wash their own car like to do it on Sundays. But me, it’s all about having a nice gleaming car for the whole weekend. What’s the point washing a car otherwise right?

How To Dry A Car After Washing – The Official Guide

By now that you know I love washing my car, but knowing how to dry a car after washing and without leaving streak marks or water spots is equally important.

Saturdays are my car washing day. We take the dogs out on Fridays, and cleaning the car and cleaning up the pet hairs matters a great deal to me. Experience has taught me that no car wash is going to look after my car the way I do. And as well I do at my job, even I can’t afford to have my car detailed on a weekly basis.

How To Remove Snow From A Car Without Ever Scratching The Paint

I had to go to Alaska recently for work. I know right?! Don’t ask!

I knew it snowed a lot up there and I wanted to make sure that I knew how to remove snow from a car. Of course, I wasn’t going to drive there; which meant I’d be using a rental car. Nonetheless, still wanted to know how to remove snow from a car. And given that I was using a rental, I needed to know how to remove snow from a car without ever scratching the paint. The Rental company would love that….

How To Clean Cloth Car Seats At Home

The other day my wife had somehow convinced me that it was that time of the month (no not that one), it was the time of the month to go and see her parents. As always, we would stop to collect some Chinese Food and head over to theirs. And yes, if you’re reading an article called How To Clean Cloth Car Seats At Home, then you can already tell where this story is going.

How To Keep A Car Clean Between Washes

You know what’s annoying? Let me tell you. You wash your car on a Saturday and for whatever reason by Tuesday you can already see a layer of dirt on it. Now here’s the truth: I cheat on my wife. But not how you think.

Not with one of the cheerleaders from the Miami Dolphins, but with my car. Every Saturday, without fail, you can rest assured that I will have blocked out 2 hours of my day so that I can show my car the TLC that it deserves.

Knowing how to keep a car clean between washes has definitely helped me.

How To Clean A Smoker’s Car – Used Car Smells Like Smoke

Let me guess, if you’re reading an article about How To Clean A Smoker’s Car, then I’m guessing that you’ve tried car washes a few times and have probably used every freshener and deodorizer out there. And the last bottle of Fabreeze just got tossed in the trash.

How To Clean Car Headlights & Restore Them Permanently

I recently bought a new car. I knew it was going to be a project. My wife wasn’t keen on me buying it, especially when she found out that the last owner was a pet lover and a smoker. The thought of both of those things had just dissuaded her from the beginning.

Tips On Washing A Car Without Touching It

My friend has some nerve. Calls me up the other day and says he wants to have a bet with me. Now, already my alarm bells are going off. Because he only makes bets when he knows the outcome.
He shouts:
‘I’m going to show you how to clean a car without touching it and I bet I can wash my car faster and better than you can using your method.’

How To Clean A Car Before Wrapping – Jay Z Style

If you’re reading an article called How To Clean A Car Before Wrapping, you could be mistaken for thinking that I’m a car wrapping enthusiast. But I’m not, or should I say, I wasn’t.