How To Remove Snow From A Car Without Ever Scratching The Paint

I had to go to Alaska recently for work. I know right?! Don’t ask!

I knew it snowed a lot up there and I wanted to make sure that I knew how to remove snow from a car. Of course, I wasn’t going to drive there; which meant I’d be using a rental car. Nonetheless, still wanted to know how to remove snow from a car. And given that I was using a rental, I needed to know how to remove snow from a car without ever scratching the paint. The Rental company would love that….

Wow. There’s some crazy crazy options out there on the internet. As always, I made a note of the most practical ones and decide that I would test which way worked best.

After a long ass flight – I finally touched down in Alaska, grabbed my rental and headed to the hotel. Perhaps I had overthought this in my head. There was snow everywhere, however, by whomever parties responsible, the roads were immaculate and well gritted, people had snow chains. In short, they lived with the snow without the slightest issue.

In the morning, I was woken by the sound of a really large engine. The sound on the motor was so loud, I’m guessing half the hotel residents would have woken up. Then before I could even jump out of bed and investigate what the heck was going on, the sound of another motor kicked in.

Were there 2 bikes down there ready to enter a drag race?

How to remove snow from your car

How To Easily Remove Snow From Your Car Without A Brush

That was it. I bolted towards the window and threw the curtain open. And what I saw couldn’t have made me happier.

There were a couple of guys out there with leaf blowers cleaning up their car.

I could see that it had only snowed a little bit. The cars were covered mostly with powdered snow. No ice. Nothing too mad. And all the lights were covered including the headlights. However, it still needed to be cleaned. I needed to ensure the car and the headlights were all fully clean.

My rental was of course covered and guess what? That’s right, I didn’t bring my leaf blower from Miami to Alaska. I’m not even sure I’d have been allowed to do that….

I rushed down there. Politely making a joke about my own leaf blower and asked if I could use theirs to clean my own car. They couldn’t have been nicer.

Using a Leaf Blower to remove snow from a car

Once it was my turn I went for it. I just kept my distance from the car and blew all the snow away. It just flew off, leaving minute amounts clinging to the car. The leaf blower was ideal.

In fact all my worries about cleaning snow from the car had gone away because these particular guys happened to be staying at the hotel for longer than me and kindly left their leaf blower at the Front Desk. Wow – how nice. I was set. Who cared if it snowed, all I’d do is just leaf blow it away…

Hasta La Vista Baby

How To Get Snow Off  A Car Without Scratching The paint

The next day, it had snowed a fair bit more. In fact lots more. And given the temperature had dropped a lot at night, all the windows had a thick sheet of ice. Well I knew what I had to do. I figured the heat from the snow blower would take care of the ice, and this time I wan’t going to wait.

I wanted to take care of my car nice and early, before the actual owner of the leaf blowers wanted to clean their cars. I had a plan and I was going to stick to it.

After about 5 minutes of leaf blowing my car, I realised that something just wasn’t right. I mean nothing was happening. The snow was too big, fat and thick to move. It just sat there like some defeated sumo wrestler.

I was conscious of the fact that my leaf blowing was going to get everyone up and without the results to show for it, did I really want to be that guest that everyone would point at over the breakfast buffet?

Let me try one more time. Again I went for it. Again nothing. However, this time I was interrupted by the laughing of the leaf blower owner. He just couldn’t help himself. I’m guessing that was a clue.

He slowly took the leaf blower away from me, like a mother telling a child.

No the batman toy really can’t drive a real car.

He felt so sorry for me.

How To Remove Heavy Snow From Car

After composing himself, he felt sorry enough for me to show me actually how it was done.

Compacted snow is tough to move. In fact (with gloves) we had to actually lift off the big piece and put them to one side. When I say one side, I mean way out the way of your own car and others. No point doing all this work to realise it’s all behind your back wheel and you’re still not going anywhere.

So the first thing we did, without touching the paint of the car was just lift off all the big bits. They were huge. This was beginning to turn into quite a workout. Same with the ice, we did the same. Where possible, we picked up the bigger bits of ice.

He then walked back to his trunk. I couldn’t help but smile because I knew what was coming next. It was going to be the leaf blower. Ha, I knew it.

How to remove heavy snow from car

But alas! No it wasn’t. It was all about the broom. Well it looked like a broom. Before I could even ask what it was, he had already started working on my car. Well it looks like a broom, but the Snow Broom has a durable foam head. The beauty about it is that its non abrasive. Which means it wasn’t going to scratch my paint which means, it wasn’t going to give me headaches with the rental company.

He would use the snow broom to attack the next layer of snow on the car. And it was working a treat. All the snow was starting to glide off, literally just leaving some powdery bits and other tough bits stuck to the hood.

What now I thought? Was he going to pull something else out from the trunk. Even this time, I couldn’t guess…But guess what? Ha, it was the leaf blower.

And once again he blasted all the last bits off snow off the car. Hasta la vista baby!!!

Once we were able to open the doors, he jumped into my car and switched it on and pumped the hot hair on. It wasn’t long before even the last bits of ice were gliding off my car.


The process actually isn’t too bad. However, if there’s a lot of snow, you are going to get a workout and that’s for sure. And if you don’t own a leaf blower, the moral of this story, is be nice to someone who does have one. You never know when you’re going to clean the snow off you car.

The last time we used a leaf blower on my car was when my friend wanted to show off that he could wash his car without touching it. But that’s for another day.