How NOT To Remove Pet Hairs From Your Car

Recently I published an article that was aimed at people who needed to clean their car of dog hair.

In that post, I explained in great details how a vacuum just isn’t enough. As you are probably aware, dog hairs and pet hairs in general, really do get intertwined within the fibers of the carpet.

Now, I did advocate to use the Rubber Brush as one of the products to use. It’s a fantastic, inexpensive piece of kit that really does a great job in sweeping up pet hairs. Along with it’s powerful bristles and power of static, it scoops a lot of those hard to reach hairs up.

BUT – when writing that post, I knew I wanted to write about things I had tested. And I had tested quite a few ideas. Some which worked, but were a pain in the butt and others which sort of worked and made you look damn stupid.

So if you’re looking to clean up pet hairs from your car – do not do the below.

How NOT To Remove Pet Hairs From A Car

The terrible ways people are trying to clean their car from pet hair.

How To Remove Pet Hairs From A Car - Balloon
1. Balloons

Yes you heard it right. A balloon! Now I have kids so this was very easy for me to get a a hold of. It works on the same way as the brush, in that the static from rubbing a balloon against something, then dragged along the chairs, pick up some hairs. True or not? Well I took the theory and tried it of course.

It did a so so job on the chairs, but my neighbor wouldn’t stop looking out his window and wondering what I was up to. It however did not do a good job on the carpets. My vacuum did a better job with the top surface of dog hairs than the balloon did. However, if you’re truly desperate, like shampoo your hair in the sink desperate, then I guess it helps – a little.

2. Lint Rollers

Suit Roller

Now rollers are a great piece of kit. They remove dirt and hairs very effectively and quickly. However they do all this on clothes. If you’ve never seen one of these before it’s effectively sticky paper rolled around plastic in a way that allows you to pick up dirt with the sticky bit and then cut it off.

But to clean a car, it would literally take forever. When I mean forever, I mean if you had to sweep your drive with tweezers forever. But again, if you have to give your boss a ride to the airport at the very last minute and the only thing in your office draw is a Hershey’s bar and a Suit Roller. Then you better get rolling, and fast.

Pet hairs in a car are no joke. And using gimmicky products will get you gimmicky results. But everything has a place in this world, and if you’re truly desperate and don’t mind looking like some out of work clown rubbing balloons on the back seat, then by all means, who am I to stop you?