How Many Calories Do You Burn Washing A Car By Hand?

Every Saturday I wash my car. It’s a ritual. I know most people who wash their own car like to do it on Sundays. But me, it’s all about having a nice gleaming car for the whole weekend. What’s the point washing a car otherwise right?

Well, it was first thing Saturday morning and I was cleaning my car before the Miami sun beat down on the whole city. In fact, and without showing off, I’ve actually timed my 2 hour ritual car wash to finish exactly when the sun comes out to help a little with the drying. I mean, in my head it’s all very scientific.

Anyway, a few Saturday’s ago, my wife’s friend came round at exactly the same time as I had started washing my car, and she left roughly when I was putting away all my car cleaning equipment. She made a joke on the way out:

I bet you lose a bunch of calories doing that each week!

A smile, a wave to us both and she was off.

It hadn’t even occurred to me. I hit the gym, like most healthy people at least one a month. That’s right, and if I thought for one moment that washing my car would count as exercise, I’m not even sure that I’d do that one time in the gym.

But I wanted to know. I actually wanted to know how many extra beers and burgers I could get away with eating. Now in order to do this fairly, I guess I had to wear one of those Fitbitthings, or whatever. Nah! That doesn’t work for me. In fact wearing a watch when cleaning your car can even accidentally cause scratches if it were to hit the paintwork.

calories washing a car

How many calories do you burn washing a car for an hour?

So I wasn’t going to do that. However, a friend pointed out that not only did people wear these types of watches, but many even shared their results.

I turned to google for guidance and very quickly got pointed to My Fitness Pal. No, I’m not affiliated with them. I’d never heard of them until researching this post. Well, they have this calculator and it averages out the total calories burned for the activity of car washing.

It turns out that for my weight, a 60 minute wash burned about 204 calories and a 2 hour wash 450 calories.

Wow!! I mean washing a car never felt like exercise.

So then I got to thinking, how many calories in a bottle of Bud? Turns out it’s about 120. And McDonald’s fries are about 320.

Guess that’s a win for me.

And that’s just my regular wash. If I’m doing my once a month wax (see my favorite carnauba wax), polish and buff, washing down and cleaning the fabric of the convertible roof, cleaning out the dog hairs from the day before road trip – then let me tell you, we’re talking even more calories being lost. We’re talking even more Buds and fries.

Now who said washing cars didn’t have its advantages.