How To Clean A Convertible Roof – Tips On Keeping That Soft Top Grime Free

I had an opportunity to buy a convertible car that was quite yucky. When I say that, I mean it was just disgusting. It hadn’t been looked after at all. However, I had a friend in NYC that would pay top dollar for this car. And despite the fact that I don’t flip cars for a living, it would mean that I would make a few thousand dollars whilst also getting to drive this beautiful Saab Sports Car around for a couple of weeks.

Everything about the inside of the car was in good working order. In fact all was really fine except the convertible roof and by default its back window. The old owner said to me right before I was driving off ” I hope you know how to clean a convertible”.

How NOT To Remove Pet Hairs From Your Car

How To NOT Remove Pet Hairs From Your Car

Recently I published an article that was aimed at people who needed to clean their car of dog hair.

In that post, I explained in great details how a vacuum just isn’t enough. As you are probably aware, dog hairs and pet hairs in general, really do get intertwined within the fibers of the carpet.