7 Best Winter Wiper Blades 2022 | A Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

When it is beginning to get cold outside, it’s a good idea to get a good pair of winter wiper blades so that you can hit the season with the right level of preparation. While the wiper blades aren’t an aspect of your car that many might consider being an eye-catcher, having the right blades to deflect snow and operate in colder climates can be real lifesavers. Remember, the primary goal of the windshield wiper is to ensure that you have optimal road visibility, which is why we’ve created this guide to provide you with the information you need to find the blades that will work best for your car during the colder months.


Buyer’s Guide

What Makes a Wiper Blade Winter-Ready?

If you’ve ever seen a real torrential downpour, you will understand why a good pair of blades can save you in the spring and summer months. Well, the same can be said for winter wiper blades. These blades have a similar design to their summer counterparts, but with a pair of winter wipers, there’s a coating that’s designed to protect the blades from accumulating frost, which can get between the moving components and make them stiff. If your blades aren’t able to move during the wiping process, they will be almost completely useless.

With the right design, ice, slush, and frost won’t get into the moving components of the blade, even if the blade is pushing them out of your field of view. In addition to this unique winter-ready design, a good pair of blades that are designed for cold weather will also have a different material construction.

Unlike their summer counterparts, a pair like this will be made to resist the freezing temperatures so that the blade edges can remain supple and pliable, ensuring that they are still highly functional. If you’ve ever noticed that some blades jump a bit as you use them, it’s because the leading edges are frozen or too stiff to adjust to the curvature of your windscreen.

Blade Quality

Finding the best blades for your cold weather windshield wipers is absolutely essential. It’s important to understand that not every product is designed to be equal, so when you’re searching the market, look for blades that have a rubber or silicone design, as these tend to withstand cold weather very well, and they will remain pliable through even the harshest weather conditions. Also, it’s essential to understand that there are a lot of gimmicks out there on the market; don’t be fooled by the hyperbole. In many cases, you can purchase a pair of reasonably inexpensive winter blades and be completely protected for the season.

Picking the Right Blade for Your Vehicle

When you’re in the market for one of these products, your first step should be to consult your vehicle’s manual. These manuals will tell you the right sizing of windshield wiper you should be looking for. As a general rule, the most durable wiper blades will be constructed out of silicone. With a pair of these, you can expect a few winters of uses without the need to replace the blades. These blades also tend to be much quieter during use, which can be a significant selling point for some.


Best Winter Wiper Blade

1)Michelin 8520 Stealth Ultra Windshield Wiper Blade with Smart Technology

One of the best features of Michelin’s “Smart Hinge” technology is that it allows for the wiper blades to virtually adhere to the windshield so that you get a very close wipe. While it’s wiping, the hinge also allows for the blade to have the right amount of pressure so that you don’t have streaks on your windscreen. This is particularly useful in the winter and when there’s snow falling because excess water can quickly refreeze, which can severely inhibit visibility. For protection against the snow, the same hinge has a cover that will ensure that clogs won’t happen.

Another aspect that you might notice about these is how quiet they are. These are designed using Michelin’s Stealth Ultra technology, which will reduce the sound output of the products. They also stand out because Michelin has tested and found them to be able to withstand 300,000 wipe cycles. This means that they should be good on your windscreen throughout many years of use.

When it’s time to replace the blades, they are also easy to remove. Michelin have utilized the EZ-Lok connector tech that only requires you to press a secure tab.


  • These are sealed against snow and frost and won’t experience much drag.
  • They are virtually silent.
  • They operate tightly to your windshield.


  • These can break in strong winds.



2) ANCO WX-22-UB Winter Extreme Beam Wiper Blade

This product, which is manufactured by Anco, is a winter blade that uses a unique hydrophobic shield that not only blocks the accumulation of frost and snow but also prevents ice from forming on the wet wiper blades. When it comes to everyday functionality, these Winter Extreme beam wiper blades are designed to move so that they can rest tightly atop the glass of your windshield. This ensures that almost all moisture is lifted away from the glass, which will help inhibit the formation of visibility-dropping ice.

These aren’t silicon blades. In fact, they have an almost all-rubber construction, so there’s a high level of pliability. This rubber construction also prevents streaks from forming when the blades are in use, and it lasts longer than traditional rubber blades thanks to a proprietary formulation that the company calls Duraklear Plus.

These wiper blades come in lengths that range from 14 to 28 inches, so there should be a length that will fit just about any vehicle on the road.


  • These are winterized beam wipers, which means that they will have a tight fit against the windshield.
  • There is a wide range of sizing options.
  • The unique material is protected by a hydrophobic shield that will prevent ice from building up.


  • Unfortunately, these are a bit on the noisy side.



3) Michelin 8521 Stealth Ultra Windshield Wiper Blade with Smart Technology

Our third product is actually part of the same product series as our first, but the main difference between these two wiper blade models is that the 8521 models are designed for smaller windshields. Still, when you select these, you can expect the same level of ultra-quiet functionality, moisture resistance, and frost buildup prevention. As you might expect, these also are designed to fit tightly to the surface of the windshield, so a maximum amount of water will be removed per cycle.

These also employ independent suspension so that the blades will bend as carefully to the shape of the windshield as possible, especially when the blades are in motion. These are also very easy to install thanks to the EZ-Lok system. You can simply latch them into place without the need for any tools. Finally, the cover on these is designed to be extra tough so they should easily withstand any of the robust environmental effects that can occur in even the harshest winters.


  • These flex to accommodate just about any windshield.
  • They are rated for up to 300,000 wipe cycles.
  • These have a high degree of durability thanks to a multi-section hard cover.


  • The instructions on how to install the blades could be more explicit.
  • They can sometimes leave streaks.



4) METO T6 24″ + 18″ Windshield Wiper

Thanks to a unique polymer used in the construction of these METO wipers, these will actively repel water so that ice and frost won’t have the ability to form. This functionality is improved thanks to a drain system that is designed to collect excess water and remove it from the car while the wipers are functioning. When it comes to the design, these blades will sit very close to the windshield of your vehicle so that just about all water is collected and dispersed. In fact, METO stands by a commitment that the blades are so close that no streaks will form while you’re using them in any weather condition.

Unlike many other wiper blades, these aren’t made of traditional rubber or silicone. In fact, the company opted to use an elastomer that will continue to maintain its properties under just about any temperature extreme. This is useful in the colder months when some blades will stiffen in the plunging temperatures, which can reduce the functionality of the blades.


  • These will actively disperse the majority of water from the surface of your windshield.
  • They are made of a unique polymer that is temperature- and weather-resistant.
  • These are guaranteed not to form streaks.


  • The adapters are a little too sharp.
  • They can be hard to install.



5) AERO Premium All-Season Windshield Wiper Blades

These wiper blades can be useful in places that experience weather extremes because they are designed as all-season products. These are beam blade wipers, so you can expect them to have minimal moving parts as well as a natural curvature. As a result, these are designed to fit most windshields universally and also have a tight cling that will make it reasonably easy to remove moisture from the shield surface. Like other beam blade models, these incorporate wind spoilers that will utilize the airflow experienced at the front of your car to push the blades against your windshield surface.

When it comes to material construction, these are blades that are made exclusively out of rubber, so there’s a lot of pliability. Also, since they press so firmly against your car, you can rely on them to be relatively silent while in use.

When it comes to the overall experience, these blades also have a six-month warranty, and the company is very supportive once you buy these for your vehicle. Also, even though they are made of rubber, which is usually less durable than silicone, these tend to have a relatively long lifespan.


  • These are designed as specific OEM replacement wipers.
  • They are all-season products.
  • These are made to be very aerodynamic.
  • The blades are very durable.


  • They can be difficult to install correctly.



6) Bosch ICON 26A Wiper Blade

Another set of beam-style all-weather wipers, these Bosch blades are designed to last longer than many of the competing products on the market. This is due to the fact that the company utilized a unique dual rubber construction that’s designed to not only resist the effects of heat and cold but to also resist ozone deterioration as well. As a result, Bosch claims that these will last more than 40 times the lifespan of other similar products.

Like other beam blades, these incorporate wind spoilers that apply a downward force that ensures a tight fit against your windshield. As a result, most water is quickly dispersed so that frost and ice won’t accumulate on the glass. These are also designed to accommodate just about any screen. The tensioning on the blades will allow the blade tip to conform to the shape of your vehicle’s windshield.

These also are relatively easy to install; the blades attach to the wiper assembly via a pinch tab, so you won’t need tools to attach and detach the blades.


  • They are easy to install.
  • These adhere closely to the windshield’s surface.
  • They are designed to last.


  • These can cause streaks, especially if the blades sit idle in storage before use.
  • Some components are a bit sharp.



7) Rain-X 5079283-2 Latitude 2-in-1 Water Repellency Wiper Blade

This product, which is manufactured by Rain-X, is designed to provide maximum water repellency so that you’ll have a very clear experience. As our final product, these are created using a beam-style orientation, so they naturally work well in the winter. This is due to the unibody design that most beam-style wipers employ. There’s just very little open space in which frost or ice can form. Also, like other wipers of the type, these press down against the surface of the glass as a result of the rear spoilers applying steady downforce.

During everyday operation, these are also very quiet thanks to the same aerodynamic effect, and the all-rubber blend helps the product maintain the right curvature to maximize contact and avoid streaking. Finally, like other Rain-X products, these blades apply the company’s proprietary coating, which actively protects the windshield and forms a barrier that makes rain easier to disperse.


  • These utilize Rain-X’s windshield-protecting tech.
  • They provide all-weather protection.
  • These have won the product of the year in 2017.
  • They actively resist wiper lift.


  • The Rain-X coating can sometimes make windshields appear somewhat cloudy.
  • The center hinge has a sharper angle than many other beam wipers.



Final Thoughts

Finding the right windshield wipers for the colder months is absolutely crucial for your peace of mind while driving. All of the products that we’ve covered here will help you have a much safer winter, and each is designed to be reasonably easy to install.

If you’re not 100 percent sure which is best, take another look at our buyer’s guide, and you’ll have a better idea about the features that you can seek in order to have a good overall experience this winter.