Best Garage Heater 2022 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Getting a solid space heater for your garage is a great way to save money on your heating bills and to bring a little warmth into an area that can get very cold. Finding the best garage heater, though, takes a little work. With the help of this buying guide and a few product reviews, you should be able to find the best heater for garage use. Especially useful if you’re having to remove snow from your car

If you’re hunting for the best heater for garage use, you’ll want to start by considering the main factors. Outside of price, you’re really looking at three elements – the method of heat, the fuel source, and the amount of heat the unit puts out.

There are only a few basic methods of making heat with one of these devices. The first is forced-air, which literally forces blasts of hot air into a space. There are also convection heaters, which use a flame element to cause warm air to rise naturally. Finally, there are radiant heaters, which use reflectors to point infrared heat out into a specific area. Forced-air heaters tend to be the standard, while convection units are the most affordable and radiant heaters offer the most steady heat.

Once you’ve got past the method of producing heat, you’ll want to look at the fuel source. You’re generally looking at gas or electricity for forced-air and radiant units, while convection units can sometimes also use water. Electric units tend to be less powerful in general, but they’re often much easier to use and easier to move around a house. Gas units tend to put out more heat in general, but have the drawback of needing their fuel sources replenished.

Finally, you’ll want to look at how much heat the unit puts out. The heat output of a heater is measured in BTUs. The vast majority of heaters now advertise exactly how much space they can heat in addition to the BTUs, but know that, generally speaking, more BTUs means more space heated.

Olympia Wave 3 Portable Gas Catalytic Heater

Portability can be quite useful for a garage heater. It’s not just a matter of being able to move the heater as you work – you may well want to repurpose that heater for other uses. While it’s difficult to get everything you want out of a portable heater, this Olympia Wave 3 Portable Gas heater does a great job of really pushing out the heat. This, combined with the basic utility of being portable, makes the heater one of the best currently available on the market.

Another great feature of a wave heater is that it is virtually silent. No more loud noise when you’re trying to heat up the garage, which is great for those who work on projects at night. This unit also puts out a lot of heat – up to 3000 BTU – which will allow you to truly get any space warm. It’s not a replacement for a more traditional heater, but it is one of the better secondary sources you will find. If you are looking for a solid portable heater that won’t keep everyone else in your house awake, you’ll want to take a look at this unit.

Mr. Heater F322000

Do you need an extreme amount of heat in a portable package? If so, this unit from Mr. Heater might be for you. It’s able to put out over 9000 BTUs of heat, enough to make a room of over 200 square feet warm and toasty. This incredibly efficient unit will turn any cold garage into a perfectly comfortable workspace, with a minimalist design that will keep the unit out of the way until it’s needed for your comfort.

This propane heater unit attaches to either a one-gallon tank or a gas supply. As it uses propane, it’s able to put out more heat than most other heaters of its size. Despite this, it’s actually a very safe heater that has all of the usual safety features. This includes not only tip-over protection, but also an oxygen depletion sensor. This is one of the safest propane heaters on the market as well as one of the most efficient, allowing you to unleash the power of the fuel on the coldest nights of the year. If you need a lot of heat in a small space, this might be the best propane heater for garage use that you can find.

Lasko 745200 Ceramic Heater

The most important element in a good garage heater might be one that can be safely stowed away. While the Lasko 745200 Ceramic Heater may not be the biggest or most powerful heater out there, it’s easily one of the most portable. It’s got a tiny profile, small enough to fit under a desk or a table. It’s easy to plug into your garage outlets and get a bit of heat when necessary, but it’s just as easy to pack away when you’re done.

This may well be the best electric garage heater if your biggest worry is how you’re going to find space. It’s got settings to minimize noise as well, which makes it perfect if you’re sharing a garage space or if you are looking to bring the heater into an office. Again, it’s not the strognest heater out there but it puts out more than enough for those who just need a little extra warmth. Consider this one the best heater for garage use if you’ve got extremely limited space.

Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

If you’re going to get a space heater for your garage, why not make it simple on yourself? Instead of going for a more industrial look and interface, you can pick up this electronic heater that will give you more control over the temperature in your garage as well as the volume and setting of your heater. This electric heater is all about the comfort of the user, with a number of features that most other heaters don’t have and a few that really should be adopted across the board.

Perhaps the best feature of this heater is that you don’t have to get up and change the heat. It features an IR remote that has enough range to allow you to adjust the heat across the room. Heat adjustment isn’t in terms of BTU, but in terms of actual temperature, it heats from 50 to 86 degrees, giving you plenty of room to determine your own comfort zone. Even the design of this unit is a little more user-friendly than normal, allowing you to see exactly what settings you’re using and how the unit is working without requiring you to consult a manual.

TPI Corporation 198TMC Fan Forced Portable Heater

Industrial and practical, this is perhaps the best electric garage heater 120v model you’ll ever find. There are no frills here, but you don’t need them – this small unit puts out the heat and does so quickly. It uses forced air to rapidly heat up a space and to allow users to determine whether they’re looking to heat, cool, or even dry out an area. This is the kind of heater you want when you’ve got a serious job.

This electric heater works great for jobs like spot heating and freeze protection because it’s so easy to move. Pick up the one-pound heater and move it from spot to spot in a garage, thawing out frozen equipment and allowing you to get back to work quickly. It’s puts out a reasonable amount of heat for its small size and it is very reliable, giving you a portable device on which you can depend during some of the coldest times of the year. If you’re looking for portability and no-frills heating, this might be the best heater for you.

Lasko Ceramic Utility Heater

You don’t always need a giant heater for your garage. Sometimes the best tool is the one that can get the job done right without going overboard. This ceramic heater from Lasko is small but powerful, giving users a great deal of heat without sacrificing portability. It’s not the strongest heater on the market, but it’s great for those who are looking to get garage projects done without freezing outside. This is a solid heater for those who just need to heat a smaller space.

This heater is obviously meant for those who really need portable heat. You can very easily direct where the heat goes with this unit, allowing you a chance to heat up a specific spot in your garage without wasting energy. The heater has three settings to allow you a little more control, including a fan setting for when it gets a little too hot. The heater also has a number of safety features, including automatic overheat protection and the ability to shut itself off if the unit tips over. This makes it a safe heater for any garage and a great unit to lug around if you need heating for any other outdoor project.

TPI Corporation 178TMC

If you’re looking to heat up a space quickly, you need a space heater that puts efficiency at the forefront. You might not get the best-looking design or the most ergonomically-efficient heater out there, but you’ll get something that puts out a ton of heat with relatively little effort. TPI Corporation’s 178TMC is a heater for those who need a great deal of heat and who need it quickly. It’s got a unique design, the ability to heat up a space quickly, and it’s still small enough to take with you to other jobs.

This space heater puts out a tremendous amount of heat – over 5000 BTUs. Surprisingly, it also puts all of this heat out incredibly quickly. The design makes it very easy to install in a single area or to bring around with you, especially if you’re looking to do quick spot-heating jobs. This unit seems like a good fit for those looking to fight off a freeze or to thaw out materials quickly, and it’s especially useful for those who know that the best heater is one that can heat up a room without taking all night.

Whether you’re looking for the best gas garage heater or the best electric unit, you’ll find what you need here. Take the time to look at portability and pricing in addition to the major factors – they might help you to decide between two very similar units. If you know what you need, though, you can find the best space heater for garage use.

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