Best Foam Cannon 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Our cars are the most beautiful when they are absolutely spotless. It can be a tedious task to hand-wash and grab every speck of dirt. Then, you run the risk of a car that looks half-washed, and no one wants that! A foam cannon will help your car get as clean as possible. Foam guns usually generate anywhere from 60 to 90 PSI to ensure your vehicle is returned to its beloved state.

How to Use a Foam Cannon

Foam cannons obviously produce way more pressure than you ever could with your arm. It is critical that you set the cannon to the appropriate pressure so your car is effectively cleaned. A visual sign that your pressure is correct is the foam coating. It should be thick and adhere well to all surfaces of the vehicle.

Make sure that you use the proper compressor to apply the foam to your car along with the right tips. Apply the foam to your vehicle with the right angled tip approximately two to three feet away from its surface.

For whatever foam blaster you select, you should only use the best soap for foam cannon recommended by the manufacturer. The soap you choose may not seem like a major deal as long as it cleans, but soaps play an important role in protecting your vehicle’s paint and rubber.

Finally, you should apply the foam from the top to the bottom of your automobile. Working in the reverse order only brings more dirt from the tires and undercarriage onto the car’s painted body. A foam blaster can get the job done itself if your vehicle is only mildly soiled.

Just apply the soap with the car foam cannon and let the foam sit a few minutes. Rinsing it clean will leave your vehicle with a dazzling gleam. Cars that have seen more action can also be cleaned more efficiently with a car wash soap sprayer.

All you have to do is spray the soap into the path of the mitt and scrub your vehicle gently. Invest in a spray fan attachment to enable you to achieve the maximum foam coverage. This method allows you to get your vehicle as clean as possible without causing damage to its beautiful paint coating.

The Best Foam Cannon

Konky Adjustable Foam Sprayer

Konky’s best foam cannon is a car wash gun equipped with a soap dispenser. The highly rated foam cannon spurts out a sudsy foam with a consistent pressure. The gun has eight different watering patterns with the twist of a knob. These are:

  • Rinse
  • Flat
  • Center
  • Stream
  • Jet
  • Cone
  • Shower
  • Mist

The foam blaster has an ergonomic design that allows you to wash your car without continuously pressing the trigger. Press it once only and watch the foam emerge. Konky’s design makes it compatible with two different water hose sizes with its adapter.

You do not have to worry about this high-quality gun leaking while connected to the water hose either, which is a big plus. Need more reasons to love this gun? It can double as a tool to water your plants and even bathe your pets!

Your car soap sprayer will come with a chenille wash mitt, too. Konky wants to make your car washing experience as convenient as possible. The microfiber mitt is ultra soft and super absorbent. It is the perfect cloth to give you a scratch-free, swirl-free finish every time.




MATTCC Adjustable Foam Cannon

Create what looks like a soft blanket of snow on your vehicle with this one liter bottle MTM foam cannon. You should use this car wash spray gun with a pressure washer exerting a minimum pressure of 1,000 PSI. Do not go overboard though as the maximum pressure compatible with the car soap sprayer is 3,000 PSI.

The pressure wash gun is made from premium brass. It has two settings so you can adjust the gun to give you optimal results. You can adjust the amount of soap dispensed with the top dial. Making adjustments to the nozzle of the snow foamer makes the spray pattern wider or narrower.

For the ultimate snowy effect, turn the knob to the right and adjust the nozzle accordingly for the spray pattern that gives the desired effect. Your investment in the snow foaming MATTCC adjustable foam gun will serve more purposes than just washing your car.

Connect it directly to the gun on the pressure washer to see what this gun can do. Use the tool to clean the following as well:

  • Motorcycles
  • Floors
  • Roofs
  • Windows
  • Driveways
  • Siding





Dusichin Pressure Jet Washer

Dusichin’s torq foam cannon is a foam lance designed to be attached to a pressure washer exerting more than 1,000 PSI. The company created the jet washer from top-quality brass. Dusichin makes it possible for you to adjust the washer spray nozzle for thorough mixing and dispensing of your selected best foam cannon soap.

Its durable design makes it a wonderful jet washer for professionals or home use. Your Dusichin lance comes with an adapter and connection tube. The washer mixes the foam car wash soap and high pressure water to fully integrate the detergent into the water. This comprehensive technique is crafted to ensure even coverage.

The knob on top of the lance enables you to adjust the amount of water mixed into the blend. Your Dusichin foam lance can withstand daily use with its explosion-proof, wear-resistant characteristics.




Fasmov Car Wash Pressure Washer

Fasmov’s MTM Hydro Foam cannon can hold one liter of cleaning solution. The foam car wash sprayer can be adjusted to meet your needs. Alter the cleaning fluid suction as well as the spray angle to create the perfect coating for your vehicle.

This car wash foam gun begins to remove all of the caked on grime before you lay a finger on your vehicle. Its quality design makes the pressure washer ideal for daily use. Bring the car wash to your fingertips with Fasmov’s car cleaning foam machine.

You can spray the foam or rinse in a similar sweeping fashion, with results as you would get from a mechanical car wash. A translucent design lets you see exactly how much cleaning solution you have left so you can prepare for refills accordingly. The lance should be attached to a pressure washer with more than 1,000 PSI.




Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow Foam

Chemical Guys delectable honeydew-scented foam gun car wash is a terrific option to gently clean your car while still protecting it for many rides to come. The wash gets rid of all accumulated dirt on your vehicle along with contaminants from the environment. You can safely spray the profusely foaming cleanser onto your paint, rubber, plastic and vinyl.

It only takes one cap of the heavily concentrated soap diluted with five gallons of water to cleanse your vehicle. The pH-balanced snow foam works by lifting the dirt from your vehicle surface and rinsing it away gently without scratching your vehicle.

Surfactant technology in the wash elicits a rich foam that completely covers every inch of your car. Wash your car directly in the sunlight with this snow foam that is safe on waxes (especially the waterless car wax) and sealants. Chemical Guys will get your vehicle undeniably clean.




Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Super Suds Cleanser With Foam Gun

Fill your pressure washer foam cannon with Mr. Pink Super Suds Cleanser to wash your vehicle with an ultra slick, pH-balanced detergent. The premium wash generates a never ending supply of bubbles to remove every bit of debris that creates a blemish on your car.

The lubricity of the sudsy cleaner allows all of the ickiness to roll off of your car without leaving a trace of a scratch. Similarly, this same property enables you to achieve a finish without any streaks or swirls. The thick blanket of foaming cleanser will allow you to wash your car without putting in any manual labor. Instead of the elbows, it will now all be in the thumbs.

However, if you find you have waited a little too long between washes and your vehicle is now super filthy, just use the microfiber mitt. This super soft cloth will still allow you to achieve the dazzling residue-free finish that you would if you used the best foam gun you selected on its own.




MATCC Foam Lance M22-14mm Thread

Attach your foaming lance to a pressure washer with more than 1,000 PSI. This solid, heavy foaming pressure washer lets you adjust the width of the spraying path and how much foam is released. This pressure washer gun will not fit the three-eighth inch disconnect inlet fitting.

The jet foaming action of the attachment lets you wash your vehicles in no time. Keep in mind that this lance will not attach to your water hose. As you begin using your foam lance pressure washer, adjust the spray path and mixing of the detergent with the water to give you the best coverage.




Chemical Guys Extreme Maxi Suds II

This highly concentrated best foam gun car wash comes in three fragrant scents including cherry, strawberry margarita and grape. Regardless of the vehicle or build up, Chemical Guys can reveal the shining beauty beneath.

Its foaming technology allows it to seamlessly cut through all of the grime your vehicle has picked up since its last wash. Each foaming bubble acts to lift dirt gently from your car and remove it from the surface without leaving any scratches. The same lubricity makes the detergent rinse clean without leaving swirls or streaks.




Your car washing routine can become a lot less messy and tedious with the addition of a car wash foam gun. Get yours today to achieve an award-winning clean!