Best Car Window Cleaner 2022 – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

We all know how frustrating dirty car windows can be.

Lots of things probably come to mind at the mention of dirty car windows. Squinting through smudges to check your side mirror. Watching another bug meet its death on your windshield. Dirty rainwater streaked across your rear window.

We can all agree that having a fast and effective car window cleaner is a necessity, along with good wiper blades. But the plethora of choices can be overwhelming.

How do you know which options are the best and safest? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best car window cleaners available to help you make this decision.

Buyer’s Guide

So what should you be looking for in a great cleaner? Well, obviously you need one that can wipe away the dirt and grime without leaving annoying streaks and residue. Every cleaner on our list leaves your windows streak free, and some even provide a money-back guarantee.

But there are a few other things you should consider as you shop. Use these questions to help you determine what is the best windshield cleaner for you. You’ll be on your way to crystal clear windowland in no time!

How Tough Is Your Dirt?

Window cleaners are created to deal with different amounts of dirt and grime. Some are marketed to take care of extreme buildup, like the Driven Extreme Cleaner on our list. If you frequently drive your car on dirt roads, you may need a more heavy-duty cleaner. If not, a mild cleaner like Griot’s Garage product may be just as useful.

A related question is, what else do you want to use your cleaner on? All of the products on our list work well on car windows, but you may want to whip out your cleaner to wipe down your glass stove top or even your smartphone screen. Although some of these cleaners, such as the Meguiar’s brand, are formulated specifically for automobiles, others are more versatile, like Mothers Re-Vision Surface Cleaner.

What Are The Ingredients?

These days we are all interested in caring for the environment and making sure that the products we use aren’t dangerous to us or the world around us. Car window cleaners are no exception!

Lots of cleaners out there use ammonia, which is very effective but toxic. If the use of ammonia concerns you, there are many brands that have created ammonia-free formulas. Check out our choice for best car window cleaner: Glass RX. Like several options on our list, Glass RX uses safe, natural ingredients and does not include ammonia.

You may also want to consider other common ingredients like alcohol and dyes. Also, scent can be very important, especially if you are sensitive to odors. Only one of the products on our list, the Driven Extreme Duty Cleaner, is scented.

How Much Do You Want?

The quantity is also worth considering. If you live in an area with lots of rain, your car probably has water spatters all the time, so you will need plenty of window cleaner. Most of the options on our list come in different sizes, allowing you plenty of freedom in this area.

Of course, if we’re talking quantity we also have to talk about cost. This list includes several very cheap options that still have excellent reviews. But if you don’t use the cleaner very frequently and want to go out for a more expensive item, there are several fantastic options at still reasonable prices.

Would You Like A Side?

In case you don’t have a microfiber cloth or something to wipe your windshield with, some of the products throw in extra accessories for you. Our pick for best glass cleaner, Glass RX, includes a microfiber towel. Another great choice, the Reach and Clean Combo Pack, provides a nifty tool for scrubbing those hard-to-reach corners.

The Best Car Window Cleaners

Glass RX 

This cleaner from Shine Society is our choice for best window cleaner. It is of professional quality. It works on tinted, non-tinted, and glass windows, so you can use it on any window, not just those in your car. The trigger head is easy to use and effective. It comes in both 18-oz and gallon sizes.

The Glass RX features include:
-Microfiber towel
-Anti-streaking formula
-Disinfectant that eliminates 99.9% of germs
-Completely natural ingredients that are safe for humans and the environment

The disinfectant in this cleaner and the included microfiber towel make it an especially good buy for this price. The hundreds of positive reviews also attest to its quality. For these reasons, we’ve chosen it as the best windshield cleaner.


Invisible Glass 

This no-fuss cleaner is inexpensive and gets the job done. It leaves your windows completely clear with no streaks or residues. It works best on glass surfaces, making it usable on everything from windows to glass stovetops. And you can purchase it in bulk: choose from a package of 1, 4, or 6.

The Invisible Glass features include:
-Clear Dry formula
-Ammonia, dye, and soap free
-Guaranteed streak-free performance

If you want a simple, easy-to-use product for a good price, this Invisible Glass Cleaner is perfect.


Chemical Guys Signature Series Cleaner

This Signature Series cleaner is an excellent buy that comes in 3 different sizes (4, 16, and 128 ounces). There are also two bulk options. This formula works on car and house windows, but it is also technology friendly, so you can use it on your TV or laptop.

The Chemical Guys Signature Series features include:
-Ammonia free
-Safe on tinted and non-tinted windows
-Streak-free formula

This is the product for anyone who wants a versatile cleaner safe for use on a wide variety of surfaces.


Invisible Glass Reach and Clean Combo Pack 

This package from Invisible Glass not only includes the cleaner, it also throws in a reach and clean tool to help you get every corner of your windshield spotless. The handle extends your reach, making this product ideal for large cars. And the price is still very reasonable.

The Reach and Clean Combo Pack features include:
-Steady misting spray that doesn’t drip
-Safe for tinted and non-tinted windows.
-Pivoting head on the tool that can adjust to various angles
-Guaranteed streak-free performance


Driven Extreme Duty Glass Cleaner 

This heavy-duty cleaner targets those almost impossible to remove stains. If your car has tough, hard water spots or calcium buildup, this product is what you need. It can even handle rust and paint spray. It also advertises that it will clean aircraft and boat windows.

The Driven Extreme Cleaner features include:
-Pleasant scent
-Special formula created to safely clean the dirtiest glass
-Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

This cleaner is a must-have for anyone dealing with showers, windows, or any glass surfaces that are extremely encrusted.


Meguiar’s Glass Cleaner Concentrate 

If you’re looking for a large quantity of cleaner, this option is perfect for you. It comes in a gallon size, but it is concentrated, so it is actually 11 full gallons of product. It was created specifically for use on cars, so it is effective for both inside smoker’s film and outside dirt splotches.

The Meguiar’s brand features include:
-Created for professional automobiles
-Proven, consistent performance at leaving windows streak-free
-Safe on tinted and non-tinted windows

Getting the equivalent of 11 gallons for this price is a fantastic deal, making this concentrate a worthy addition to our list of best cleaners.


Griot’s Garage Window Cleaner 

This attractively packaged cleaner comes in 35-oz or 1 gallon sizes. There is also a window cleaning kit option that includes the 35-oz bottle with 3 microfiber cloths. The secret to the streak-free performance of this product is its quick evaporation time. As soon as you wipe, the cleaner disappears, leaving your car window crystal clear.

The Griot’s Garage Window Cleaner features include:
-Alcohol-based formula
-Dye and odor free
-Safe on tinted and non-tinted windows
-Quick evaporation that ensures no residue remains

This mild cleaner is ideal for the average person’s use. The reviews indicate that it works well on other surfaces besides car windows, and it is reasonably priced with pleasing packaging.


Mothers Re-Vision Surface Cleaner 

Despite its incredibly cheap price, the reviews on this product indicate that it is still an excellent quality cleaner. It is very versatile, so you can use it on your TV screens, mirrors, and windows. It works equally well on touchscreens. It comes in a 24-oz size, but you can also order it in a package of 6.

The Mothers Re-Vision Surface Cleaner features include:
-Ammonia-free formula
-Easy-to-use trigger spray bottle
-Safe on tinted and non-tinted windows

This product can handle tough dirt as well as light smudges, making it ideal for household use.



As you can see, there are a lot of great choices out there for car windshield cleaners. Finding the best way to clean auto glass doesn’t have to be a struggle. If you choose one of the products on this list based on your own needs, you’ll find the best window cleaner for cars right at hand.

So consider what you are looking for in your own best glass cleaner for cars, and then match your list with the options we’ve provided here. The days of staring through a grimy and bug-spattered windshield are over!

We hope you’ve found this review helpful!