Best Car Wash Soap 2022 – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Believe it or not, cars are unique because they require and deserve their own specific soap. Your car pummels through rain, heat, bugs, mud and more demanding conditions, so why would you use a dish detergent to clean it?

Dish detergents are manufactured to remove remnant oil and food particles, and this truculent cleaner can strip your car’s signature paint. Your car needs the conditioning oils dispersed throughout its paint to protect it from the sun.

Of course, it takes prolonged use to inflict damage to the paint sealant. However, you make your car more susceptible to early fading if you continue with such practices. For this reason, you should invest in a car wash soap to safely cleanse your vehicle.


Important Characteristics of Car Soap

The best car wash soap encompasses four characteristics: lubricity, foam production, pH-balance and biodegradability.

Lubricity reduces the amount of friction to provide more slip. You want a car wash soap that is as slippery as possible.

As for the foam, this is important because higher foam concentrations remove dirt from your vehicle more effectively.

A pH-balanced wash rinses clean with no acidic residue left on your vehicle’s coating.

Safety is also important, and we should consider how our car wash soaps affect the environment. Choose biodegradable brands because these products can be naturally decomposed by bacteria and other organisms.


How to Choose the Right Car Wash

Now that you know the vital factors for the best car wash soaps, you can select the best type of car wash soap to purchase.

General-use shampoos are ideal for regular washings. To reap the protective benefits of waxing, you can purchase a wash and wax shampoo. Consider this as the best type of soap to wash your car and protect it simultaneously in one step.

You may need a wash with other distinct properties. If so, you most likely need a soap from the third category of soaps. Invest in a strip wash shampoo if you want to get rid of any wax and sealant protective layers. It is a fantastic wash to lay a clean base for fresh coatings of wax and sealant.


Best Car Soaps

Aero Cosmetics Wet or Waterless Car Wash Wax Kit

Aero’s best rated car wash soap gives you the power to wash your car without water or wax with water as the name implies. The premium car soap cleans gently and leaves a residual protective UV-coating on automobile surfaces.

To see the powerful cleaning effects, just spray the product onto your vehicle and wipe clean for a waterless wash. Unleash the product’s wet waxing effects by spraying it on your just washed vehicle as you dry it.

Aero Cosmetics car wash soap will not scratch your vehicle, and it is safe for use on all surfaces. The biodegradable soap has a water base without any harsh ammonia or alcohol. Your purchase includes Wash Wax ALL, microfiber towels and an Aero bug eliminator.




TriNova Car Wash Concentrate

TriNova’s gold standard cleaner is powerful enough to clean even the most resistant dirt and grime from your vehicle. The concentrated formula affords you many washes with the product to keep your vehicle shining bright like a diamond. Your purchase of the car wash soap is accompanied with a mitt to eliminate scratches as you wash.

You can clean your car in comfort with this soap knowing that it will not damage any part of your vehicle from the bodywork to the glass. It is even safe for use on vehicles with wax or sealant coatings. This is their best car wash soap for foam gun use or a double bucket wash.

TriNova car soap is pH-balanced, so it is superb for routine cleanings. Ultra slippery suds remove grime without creating scratches. When you purchase TriNova, your car will look as if it has had a professional wash every time.



Mr. Pink Super Suds Shampoo & Superior Surface Cleanser

pH-Balanced Mr. Pink Super Suds is the best car wash soap for black cars. A constant flow of suds removes any material soiling your vehicle’s exterior without leaving scratches. The concentrated soap is safe to use on vehicles with waxes and sealants.

An abundance of suds allow lubricity so that your vehicle is left with no unsightly swirls, which usually result from an erroneous technique. The product formulation is safe for use on the entire exterior of your vehicle. It is their best car wash soap for use with a pressure washer or two bucket use.

Mr. Pink suds technology allows the wash to gently cleanse your vehicle and rinse without any residue. This premium car soap will not stain or spot in sunlight. It brings professionalism to your fingertips for a luxury car wash at home.



Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow Foam Car Wash

Honeydew Snow Foam soap is pH-balanced to safely remove dirt and grime from delicate automobile paint. This cleaner generates millions of cleansing bubbles, providing full coverage of your vehicle to remove all dirt particles.

This is the best car wash soap for white cars as it provides a comprehensive cleaning. You can wash your car directly in the sunlight with this product and still achieve professional results. The powerful cleanser helps maintain your car’s protective covering of wax and sealant.

Advanced polymers in the soap glide over the protective layering to keep your car protected from UV light and environmental effects. You can safely use this cleaner on all areas of your vehicle exterior, and it works just as well on gel finishes.



Car Guys Cleaning Soap for All Vehicles

Highly concentrated Car Guys car soap only requires 30 milliliters to get your vehicle squeaky clean. The car soap is designed to provide an effective clean every time while continuing to protect your paint job and wax coat. As a result, every wash leaves you with a sleek, glossy automobile.

Car Guys is a fantastic soap to use for regular washings, and consistent use will never cause your paint to fade. In fact, regular use will only enhance the appearance of your car.

Cut down on your wash times with this premium car shampoo. It will banish dirt quickly so you can face your day in style. Car Guys Cleaning Soap will never leave unsightly residue because the brand is known for keeping vehicles in pristine condition.



Karcher Car Wash and Wax Soap for Pressure Washers

Karcher has the ultimate best soap for pressure washer cleaning. The high-quality soap is designed to speed up your vehicle washing whilst still delivering excellent results. Karcher is a biodegradable, American-made soap that will rinse clean, leave no residue, and restore your vehicle’s natural beauty and shine.

Karcher Car Wash Soap and Wax is highly concentrated to keep your car clean for many washes. Their detergent is a trustworthy brand, being the worldwide leader in pressure washers, and their pressure washer specific soap will clean your vehicle in no time.

Feel free to use this car wash solution on any vehicle finish safely. Before washing, you should read your pressure washer instruction manual for loading the detergent. Karcher makes it easy for you to measure precise amounts with the included Tru-Measure.



Chemical Guys Color Brightening Extreme Bodywash and Wax

Chemical Guys best car wash soap for hard water is pH-balanced to safely wash your vehicle without removing any existing protective coatings. Furthermore, this soap goes above and beyond the call of duty by adding additional protection with each use with its synthetic wax formula.

This soap will give you a highly lubricated wash to rinse clean without any scratches or residues. Developers made the product to restore the gleam of your car to the point that it looks as good as it did when you first bought it.

The technology of the car soap repels dirt and dust to keep your automobile cleaner between washings. You will love this soap whether you are washing from home or own a professional detailing company. Whatever the color of your vehicle, Chemical Guys soap will make it shine as never before.



Sun Joe Pineapple Snow Foam Auto Wash

Sun Joe Pineapple car soap for pressure washers is no match for grit from roads and environmental elements. The biodegradable concentrate product foams quickly to remove dirt on your vehicle and wash it away without any scratches.

Its gentle cleansing effects will leave your vehicle with a head turning finish. You can safely use this cleaner on waxes and sealants without inflicting any damage. The highly viscous wash is ideal for use in pressure washers. A foam cannon attachment will help you achieve maximum suds and foam.

To get the best, most professional finish, you should fill your foam cannon with undiluted Sun Joe car soap.

Sun Joe’s Auto Wash is a premium cleaner dedicated to bringing you the finest product at a fantastic price. Simplify your washing routine with this powerful cleaner.



The best car wash soaps listed here present options for bucket washes, pressure washes and washes with a foam gun. They are all wonderful choices, so you may want to try multiple options from the list before making one of the products your staple soap. Whatever cleaner you decide on, remember to make sure it is very slippery, pH-balanced, biodegradable and with abundant suds .