Best Car Vacuum 2021 – An Honest Buyer’s Guide & Review

As you may have read, somehow I’ve got half my street copying me and washing their own cars. They finally saw the light and knew that washing your own car meant that you can save money, water & time. 3 things I really love. But when it comes to the interior, what is the best car vacuum?

How To Choose The Best Car Vacuum

It didn’t take long before I was chatting away with them about some of my favorite products and they’d be telling me about some of theirs. But before long, the conversation turned to car vacuums. Each of us was adamant that ours was the best and would clean the car better than the others.

That could only mean one thing. And that was to test and try all of them. This wasn’t going to be easy, but given that a good car vac is something you’re going to be using weekly for a few years, it makes sense to make sure you are using one that’s not only built to last but also does what it’s meant to.

Now when it comes to car vacs, like all things nowadays there’s an array of options. You can get cordless car vacs, ones with cords, teeny tiny ones that could fit in your pocket (well by pocket I mean if you were Shaq), huge ones, wet/dry vacs and more. I never appreciated how much of a minefield they were.

Cordless Car Vacuums

Well there’s a couple of great benefits to these. Firstly, you don’t keep finding yourself or the cord getting tangled up all the time. It’s frustrating to have to keep yanking on it so that you can position it to where you need it to be. Big thumbs up for cordless.

The other great thing is that when they are fully charged, most cordless car vacs can last up to 4 hours. And they can even hold the power in a battery for up to 18 months. Though there’s something wrong if you aren’t vacuuming your car for up to 18 months.

Corded Vacuum Cleaners

Now if you can work around the cord and buy a good corded car vac, with a long cord, then these are just amazing to use. Why? Well the reason that they’re amazing to use is because unlike most other car vacs out there, good corded car vacs can have up to a 120W motor. That’s no joke. That means when you use it to do the vacuuming, there’s some real suction cleaning out all the dirt from within your car.

Plus given that it does indeed have a cord, they tend to last a whole lot longer than a cordless car vac.

Wet / Dry Vacs

Now these are the heavy duty vacs. These are for geeks like me that use all sorts of products on the inside of my car, not just for cleaning my carpets, but also my cloth car seats and my convertible roof. I do love these. They work in dry situations and wet ones as the name suggest and they are simply reliable.

I will say however, they do make a rather loud noise when switched on, they’re not small, and they’re not cheap.

Car Vacuums for Pet Hairs

We’ve discussed how to clean pet hair from a car, but having the right vacuum makes all the difference. Especially if you are intending to use these on the go. Whilst there are no vacuums on the market that are specifically for this, we’ve found that ones that are lightweight, easy to store and pack away, tend to work on long road trips.

However of course – wet/dry vacs work well if you’re using products to clean the seats.

The Best Car Vacuums 2020

HOTOR 4th Gen Car Vacuum – Best Car Vacuum Overall

Best Car Vacuum

The Hotor 4th Gen Car Vacuum really has impressed us. It uses a stainless steel Hepa filter and an aluminum alloy fan on this model, so they’re not skimping on quality materials. The rest the product is well made, comfortable to hold and great to use. Coming in its own carrying case, you’ll be sure not to loose any of those important attachments!

The great thing about this vac, is that you simply plug it into your DC power port, and away you go. It has a built in LED light so makes good work of being able to see where you are vacuuming, especially under the seats and in the foot wells. The key point of this vacuum is its suction power. It really impressed us by picking up all the mess from the back of our family car, including pet hairs from our old dog Rocky. More importantly, the vac is designed for both wet and dry use, so spills are cleaned up easily too.

Another point to mention is the fact that this car vac has a cable over 14ft long, which makes it easy to vacuum in the trunk too.

Hotor Car Vacuum Cleaner – Best Car Vacuum Cleaner (Joint Best)
Best Car Vacuum Cleaner

Sitting below the Hotor 4th Gen is the Hotor Upgraded, it is very much the same in design and spec to the 4th Gen model in that this car vac has the same 106w motor. It too is designed for both wet and dry use, along with an LED light to guide you in finding all the debris in and around the inside of your car. The key difference on this model is that the HEPA filter is made of plastic, which is washable, and two are provided for in the pack, as opposed to the 4th Gen model whereby the HEPA filter in made from stainless steel.

In practice, we found that both models perform equally well, but the Hotor Upgraded is listed lower in price. If you can’t quite justify the higher price of the 4th Gen model, the Hotor Upgraded performs equally well, and replacing that original filter after 10-12 months should mean that you are making good use of this vac. 

Vacplus Car Vacuum – Best Vacuum for Car Detailing

Best Vacuum for car detailing

The Vacplus car vacuum cleaner looks great in white, and comes well equipped with 3 different attachments that can be easily stored away in its own carry bag. This car vac has great suction power of 5.0 kpa, ensuring it will be able to pick up the most stubborn dirt from your carpets. Yes, this thing really does suck everything in its way. You just plug the Vacplus into your cigarette lighter power outlet, and as the 16.4ft cable is long enough, you definitely won’t be running short of reaching the furthest parts inside your car. 

The Vacplus comes with all the bells and whistles anyone could hope for at a competitive price. Being made for both wet and dry use, it will easily pick up debris and liquid, and fitted with a stainless steel HEPA filter and an LED light will ensure ease of use for years to come.

Black & Decker – Best Cordless Car Vacuum

Best Cordless Car Vacuum

The Black & Decker CHV1410L is the best cordless hand vacuum cleaner we tested. The obvious thing about a vacuum cleaner being cordless is that you won’t be worrying about pulling the cable from the power outlet, or the cable getting tangled whilst you are using it. This model comes fitted with a 16V Lithium ion battery, that can be fully charged in 4 hours, and hold its charge for up to 18 months. This ensures it’s got power in it whenever you want to use it. 

What I particularly liked about this car vac, is that it only weighs 2.6 lbs. Being a cordless vac with a battery, we feel that it is light enough to use without your arms aching after continued use. The suction remained strong at all times. Another point I would like to mention is that we found it really easy to empty the vacuum cleaner and clean it, as the attachments come on and off easily.

The main benefit with using a cordless vacuum is that you can use it anywhere, in and around the house, not just your car. A cabled car vacuum power source is only from a cigarette lighter outlet unless you use an adaptor.

Welikera Handheld – Best Car Vacuum for Pet Hair

Best Car Vacuum for Pet Hair

The Welikera Handheld cordless vacuum cleaner proved to be the best car vacuum for picking up after our furry family members. The Welikera shone when it came to working on a specific area with embedded pet hair It has a bright and powerful LED light, and different attachments that make good use of first locating and then lifting pet hairs from your carpets.

The Welikera uses a lithium ion battery that takes between 3 to 4 hours to charge, and lasts for about 25 mins of continuous vacuuming. The cleaner comes neatly packed with its own carry bag which holds the vacuum, attachments and charger cable, keeping pet hairs at bay, even between uses. What makes the Welikera better than others is that not only does it do a great job in picking up those pet hairs, but when it comes time to clean it, it opens up easily when it needs to be emptied. Having a stainless steel HEPA filter, it washes away any hairs stuck on to the filter itself, so the filter can be used again and again.

Shop-Vac Stainless Steel Wet Dry Vacuum – Best Wet Dry Vac

Best Wet Dry Vac

This is a great quality product at a great price. The moment you take it out of the packaging, you know this is a well-constructed vacuum cleaner. The Shop-Vac has a 5-gallon stainless steel tank, ensuring you’ll be able to vacuum up loads before emptying. The vacuum comes with a host of attachments that makes it versatile in virtually any application. What I particular liked about this vacuum is that not only can it pick up wet and dry waste, but it has the ability to turn itself into a powerful blower too. This is perfect for all the detail and finishers out there who want to clear those last drops of water etc. from awkward areas.

The Shop-Vac is easy to move around whether you are in the garage or around the house. It comes fitted with wheels that move in all directions, and the motor inside is rated at 1188 watts providing 4.5 Horsepower. This makes the suction really strong and more than enough for most people.

Vacplus – Best Corded Car Vacuum

Best Corded Car Vacuum

The Vacplus is a great corded handheld car vacuum cleaner. First and foremost, a handheld with 120W motor makes it far more powerful that many of its competitors at this price point. This ensures easier work for lifting both debris and spill as the vacuum is designed for both wet and dry use. Emptying debris and cleaning is really easy too, and after a quick rinse of the filter, it is ready for its next use.

This is a no nonsense vacuum. Ok, you don’t get a light fitted or any other fancy additions, but what you do get is a well-made powerful vacuum that just works great. It has the important features like a HEPA filter, a long power cable at 16.4ft and an aluminum alloy motor providing circa 4500Pa of suction power, offered to the consumer at a great price. I remembered the wisdom of my father who always used to say, ‘if its less complicated, then there’s less things to go wrong with it’, well that is particularly true about this vacuum cleaner.