Best Car Seat Covers 2022 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

When you have a vehicle, it’s likely that the seats that come with the car or truck are going to take a lot of abuse over the years that you own the car. The sun alone can cause the material to fade, and things like sand, dirt, and pets can make them difficult to keep clean. To help protect your car seat, you can purchase a cover for the seat that will give you a unique look and the protection that you need.

In this guide, we are going to take a look at six of the best car seat covers on the market, to help give you the available options that you can use in your vehicle. We will also create a guide that will help detail these car seat covers so that you know what to look for during your search.


What Do Seat Covers Protect Against?

You may be wondering why you would need a seat cover for your vehicle, especially if you have a relatively new car that has nice seats. Well, they are designed to help protect your seats from spills that may happen in the car. Of course, you can opt to simply not eat or drink in the car, but as time goes on, you are going to find that you will want food and drinks in the car, especially on longer road trips. If a spill happens, you can wash the seat cover instead of spending a lot of money cleaning the seats and getting them reupholstered.

In addition to food and drink spills, seat covers will help reduce the wear and tear that the seats will experience. Cracks and fading occur naturally when people sit on the seats, and with a seat cover, there is likely to be far less friction on the actual seats to cause this wear. Continued exposure to sunlight can also make them more susceptible to wear, so if you can keep them covered and nice looking, you are likely to have an easier time protecting your seats.

Do you take your vehicle to the beach or the pool? If you or your passengers are wet when they get in your car, the moisture can leave a permanent mark, especially if you have leather seats. In addition, having wet seats can cause mold to form, so having waterproof seat covers can help keep your car smelling fresh. Dogs and other pets can also be the causes of wear on your seats. Seat covers can keep the fur and the mud at bay as well as keep them from scratching your seats with their nails/claws.


Seat Cover Materials

There are a lot of different car seat materials that can be used to create quality products that will work for your needs. Some of the more common options that a driver may want to consider include:

  • Neoprene – This is a material that is designed to be durable and very water resistant. It is an option that is great for anyone who is likely to get wet or muddy during their travels.
  • Nylon – This is an option that is great for protecting your car seat against UV rays and water. It is not the most comfortable option in the world, but it is a durable choice that is easy to keep clean.
  • Velour – This is a seat cover that is crafted from a polyester/cotton combination. It is very comfortable to sit on, but it does not provide a lot of protection against water.
  • Leather – Leather is a material that will not absorb anything that is spilled on it, which means that it can be cleaned very easily. It can wear more easily in the sun, and it can become less comfortable to sit on in the heat.
  • Suede – If you like the idea of a leather cover, but you don’t want to spend a lot on a seat cover, then suede is an option that will give you a similar look. It is not UV or water resistant.
  • Tweed – Tweed is a comfortable option that will not stain easily. This type of material is often designed with patterns that can give your vehicle more personality as well.


How Well Does a Seat Cover Fit?

The fit of the seat cover that you get for your vehicle is also going to be important. There are covers that have a universal fit that will fit most vehicles. It is typically the cheaper option to consider, but if you want a more snug fit, then you can consider a semi-custom or a custom fit. These options will be designed to better accommodate your vehicle’s seats, and having a customized fit means that you can even have armrests and headrests built into the cover as well.


The Best Car Seat Covers

Gorla Car Seat Cover and Protector

The first seat cover that we are going to look at, which is manufactured by Gorla, is a cover that is designed with a universal fit. It is the perfect size to protect bucket seats, and it is crafted using neoprene, which is comfortable on your skin in hot weather. It also has a very waterproof design that will be great for going to the beach. The cover is made to attach to your car seat with a strap that is designed to be slip-proof to hold the cover in place. The seat cover is about 54 inches long and 21.25 inches wide, so it should fit well on most seats.

This is a cover that is easy to install. You simply slide the cover over the headrest in the vehicle and position it over the seat. Buckle the strap behind the seat, and it will stay in position. If you need to remove the cover, you can unbuckle the strap, and roll it up to store it away. It can be hand-washed with a mild detergent or machine washed on the gentle cycle. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee that will allow you to return the seat cover at any time if you need.


  • This is a seat cover that is made with high quality, durable materials.
  • The non-slip back ensures that the cover stays in the right position.
  • It is a very comfortable option that does not cause you to sweat.


  • The corners can come up easily if you are not careful sitting down.
  • When first opened, the cover has a strong chemical smell.



BarksBar Pet Front Seat Cover for Cars

The next seat cover that we are going to take a look at is one that is designed specifically to be used on the passenger seat. BarksBar knows how much your pets love to sit next to you when you are driving, and this cover is ideal for allowing them to do so without getting pet hair and dander throughout your vehicle. The cover is made using heavy-duty polyester that is designed in a triple layer to help make it more comfortable.

The cover is designed with a quilted pattern that will look great in most vehicles, and it has seat anchors and a non-slip backing to help keep it in place. It is designed to be simple to install; in fact, there is even a buckle that goes around the headrest to keep it in place. When it gets dirty, it can be vacuumed, or the cover can easily be removed and machine washed.


  • This cover was tested in high heat to make sure that the fabric does not bleed on your car seats.
  • The material is extremely waterproof, so it will protect your seat from the muddy paws of your furry friend.
  • It has a universal fit that works with any bucket seat.


  • The tag is positioned at a bad location on the cover.
  • The straps that hold the cover in place could be a little more durable.



Copap Universal Stripe Colorful Baja Seat Cover

The next seat cover is one that has a striped design that comes in a few different color variations. The cover is a great option for protecting a bucket seat or adding a bit of style to your vehicle. It is made out of saddle blanket material that is designed to be a very durable option. In addition, the cover has a three millimeter foam padding that will help keep you comfortable as you sit on it.

As this is a set, you will receive two seat covers, so that both of the front seats in your vehicle match. To install the cover, you simply need to pull it over the headrest and adjust it until it looks smooth. There will be a strap about halfway down the cover that you will need to pull through the crevice in the seat. Then, you will need to position the bottom part of the cover over the seat. Once the cover is in place, secure it with the hooks that are included in the packaging.


  • This is a universal seat cover that has a snug fit, so it will not slide around.
  • The fabric that the covers are made from is designed to be very comfortable.
  • This is a product that is very simple to install.


  • The fit is not ideal for an SUV.
  • The hooks don’t always secure the entire cover.



YesYess Waterproof Car Seat Cover

If you are looking for a seat cover for the back seat of a vehicle, then this option is a great choice for any vehicle that has bench seats. It is a great solution for use when you need to take your furry friend in the car with you because it will help to keep all of the pet dander and loose fur off the back seats. This is a seat cover that will work on bench seats in SUV’s and trucks as well.

The cover is designed to cover the entire seat of the vehicle, and since it is made from a durable material, you will also be able to use it to keep unruly puppies from scratching up your interior. It is designed to stay in position when it is on the seat, but if you need to use the seat for another passenger, then you will be able to unzip the cover and slide a seatbelt through it. The cover also has a waterproof design that is great for a new puppy or a dog that has just enjoyed a dip in the lake.


  • It has a waterproof design.
  • This seat cover is designed to fit on most bench seats.
  • The cover can be machine washed on a gentle cycle.


  • This is a seat cover that is only designed to be used in the back seat of a vehicle.
  • Its fabric is not the softest.



Car Pass Full Cover Quilting Sideless Seat Cover

This is a quilted seat cover that is designed to fit your vehicle well, but it has a universal fit, so it may not be snug. It is made from PVC leather that is very breathable, as well as mesh spacers that will provide some cushioning. It is a comfortable option that you can use on all of your seats in the vehicle.

The installation process of this cover does not take a lot of effort to complete. With the side-less design, you will be able to have it fully installed within minutes. On the back of the cover, there are non-slip silicone beads that will help to keep the unit in place. The material can also easily be wiped clean or taken off of the seat to be cleaned in a washing machine.


  • This cover has a shape that fits on most seats.
  • Provides a remarkable level of comfort.
  • The covers are simple to install.


  • It only comes with a single cover.
  • The sides of the seat are not covered.



BDK Stitched Neoprene Car Seat Cover

The final seat cover that we are going to look at in this roundup is a BDK cover that is made from neoprene. It’s black in color, but you can choose to have the stitching in beige, gray, or red. The material is designed to be 100 percent waterproof, which makes it a great choice for beachgoers. It is designed to be compatible with an armrest and a seatbelt, so that means that it will comfortably fit on most seats. And remember to keep that seatbelt clean.

The installation of this cover is quite simple. It is designed to slide onto your car seat’s headrest without any issues, and then there is a strap at the base of the seat that you can use to secure the cover so that it does not shift when you sit down.


  • This is a seat cover that has a very easy to install design.
  • The cover is extremely waterproof; water will bead off.
  • These covers have a stylish look that will look nice in most vehicles.


  • The cover may slide on the seats of some vehicles.
  • The stitching could be better.


Final Thoughts

A seat cover can be an invaluable purchase to make. It can protect your car seat from the sun, water, pet hair, and more. Hopefully, this guide has helped you determine which option is the best for your needs, but if you still have not decided on which seat cover to purchase, then take another look at our buyer’s guide.