Best Car Air Freshener 2022 – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

The scent you choose to characterize your car says a lot about you. It reflects the type of fragrances you like most and may give inclinations of your personality. Warmer more subdued scents can be inviting, while fruity or food scents can be too overpowering for some. Finding the best air freshener for cars is a delicate balance. The air freshener is best used after vacuuming your car.

Choosing the Best Air Freshener

You want your car to smell good not only to you but also to your passengers. Consider the type of air freshener you want. Your cheapest option is a cardboard one that has been dipped in the scent you choose. Some other types of fresheners are aerosols and those with a gel filling.

If none of these so far seem appealing to you, the best type of air freshener for you may be in the form of a vent clip or scented bag. The fragrance is entirely up to you. Vehicle air fresheners come in light scents and those that are more obvious.

If you are a woman, the best car fragrance for you may be a fruity scent. Men, on the other hand, may discover the best air freshener for them is something a bit stronger and distinctly masculine.

Shopping online is convenient, but it takes away your ability to actually smell the air fresheners yourself. It is a great idea to read customer reviews to see what they thought of the deodorizer before making a purchase. Additionally, customer pros and cons for air fresheners can help you make your final selection between different deodorizers.


Best Car Air Freshener

Meguiar’s Whole Car Air Refresher Odor Eliminator

Meguiar’s New Car Scent is the best new car air freshener. The potent deodorizer gets rid of odors at the molecular level to make sure they are gone for good. Meguiar’s best car air freshener spray emits an aerosol mist that travels through your vents and other crevices in your vehicle to banish hidden odors.

Take the time to wash your vehicle’s exterior as the brand’s best new car scent product works its magic inside to eliminate pungent odors once and for all. This air freshener will actually penetrate your vehicle to get rid of odors from:

  • Cigarette Smoke
  • Sweaty Gym Clothes
  • Wet Dogs




PURGGO Auto Odor Eliminator

PURGGO takes a unique stance on car air freshening. Instead of releasing scents into your vehicle to mask or remove odors, the 100% bamboo charcoal products simply absorb odors from your car’s interior. This best natural air freshener works around the clock to absorb odor-causing particles.

It is without doubt the best car deodorizer because it lasts a whole year or even longer! Competing brands require refills be changed every 45 days or so, and these can rack up to be quite expensive by the end of the year. PURGGO deodorizers are nontoxic and naturally sustainable from bamboo and hemp.




California Scents Air Freshener Spray

As the saying goes, the customers are always right. California Scents manufactures top rated air fresheners. The aerosol spray is available in Coronado Cherry, Ice and Newport New Car Scents. Customers indicate it is the best car fragrance spray.

California Scents comes out of the container as a fine mist that spreads easily so it can quickly wipe out odors. Its odor eliminating technology is housed in recyclable bottles to decrease environmental waste.




Yankee Candle Pink Sands Smart Vent Clip

Yankee Candle vent clips smell just as good as the renowned candles themselves. Their Pink Sands best car vent air freshener seamlessly blends scents to create a private getaway inside your car. You will smell notes of citrus, florals and spicy vanilla.

These clips last up to 30 days to take you to paradise each time you set foot into your vehicle. When there is only a small amount of residue remaining at the bottom of the fragrance window, you will need to buy a replacement.

A slider on the back will even let you adjust how much scent is emitted into your vehicle. These air fresheners, like Yankee Candles, are manufactured in the United States.




Lamyik Car Aromatherapy

Lamyik’s cool car fresheners are a unique mini fragrance diffuser specifically for your vehicle. Its minute size permits diffuser attachment to your vents without obstructing your sight. Lamyik designed the diffuser for easy use, so you only have to slide a switch to control the scent levels.

This is the best auto air freshener because it brings multiple scents into your vehicle from one deodorizing device. The mini diffuser holds four different bars of fragrance that last about a month each. These scents include olive, lemon, orange and ocean.

The diffuser is wrapped with silicone to prevent scratching your car vents. This versatile air freshener can even be used for home use. Freshen your vehicle with a smile knowing you chose a product that is natural and environmentally friendly.



Anzazo Car Essential Oil Diffuser

Anzazo provides the best car freshener scent. This can be said indubitably because the diffuser lets you use your favorite essential oils to freshen your vehicle. The company designed the diffusers for optimal compatibility with your vehicle, which is why they incorporated waterless diffusion technology.

Waterless diffusion technology acts to protect electrical elements of your vehicle from any water vapors. The oil you choose can give you a mood boost, decrease stress or enhance your wellness, all while you drive. Anzazo considers their creation as jewelry for vehicles. For this reason, you can expect your essential oil diffuser to last forever.

To use your individualized best smelling car air freshener, you just have to add a few drops of your favorite essential oil every two to three days. You will smell the delightful essential oils whether your vehicle’s ventilation is on or off.




Chemical Guys Purple Stuff Premium Odor Eliminator

The Chemical Guys Grape Soda Scented air freshener is a water-based fragrance. This means you can spray the deodorizer at will without worrying about staining the fabric or upholstery in your automobile.

The powerful deodorizers work to banish any current odors in your vehicle and decrease the occurrence of unpleasant smells in the future. Chemical Guys air fresheners are super concentrated to last you way longer than the average car freshening spray. Dilute the product with up to two gallons of water to make it stretch further.

Once you spray Purple Stuff Premium Odor Eliminator, your car will be left with a subtle grape scent that lasts for weeks. The developers made the deodorizer with enzymatic properties to get rid of pesky odors.

When you purchase this air freshener, you will join the ranks of hotels, management companies and professional detailers who trust Chemical Guys to keep their vehicles smelling spectacular.




Bright Air Solid Air Freshener and Odor Eliminator

Bright Air manufactures gel odor eliminators to indulge your senses as it freshens the air in your vehicle. These long-lasting gel deodorizers will keep your space fresh for up to two months. You will experience the best results if you place the freshener nearest your car vent.

The powerful air freshener will work to eliminate odors from pets, food, smoke and trash. Bright Air uses a plant-based gel to create their air fresheners. The lovely fragrances are the result of essential oils without the addition of phthalates, BHT or triclosan.

Every container of Bright Air Solid Air Freshener is American-made with recycled, BPA-free plastic. You will notice the gel shrinks over time as it fights off nasty odors. These deodorizers are safe to use around your children and pets. They are available in nine irresistible fragrances:

  • Cool and Clean
  • Fresh Apples and Spice
  • Island Nectar and Pineapple
  • Lavender and Fresh Linen
  • Mandarin Orange and Fresh Lemon
  • Cool Citrus
  • White Peach and Citrus
  • Wild Raspberry and Pomegranate
  • Zesty Lemon and Lime




Diax Rabbico Air Freshener

If you are looking for a cute car deodorizer, look no further than the Rabbico. These air fresheners resemble a bunny rabbit and last around four to five weeks. The gel deodorant serves a dual purpose to absorb existing odors and freshen the air.

It features a natural yet refreshing scent of white musk along with fruity musk for an appealing smell. These deodorizers are easy to use and mess-free, and are a perfect fit for most cup holders.





Air fresheners come in many varieties and scents. Aerosolized mists can fully permeate your vehicle and reach those nooks and crannies that have held scents for who knows how long. A gel freshener can absorb scents to minimize bad smells.

You may be more into the natural route, and in this case, you should definitely consider aromatherapy diffusers. The scent is all-natural, and you customize the fragrance to your own preference. Additionally, you can swap it out without buying another product.



As you review these car air fresheners, compare the features you like most along with customer reviews for the products. You will then be ready to deodorize your car with the style and scent of freshener that is most appealing to you.

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